Monday, July 23, 2012

Bill Strong Denver River Cookbook Contest

Hi All!!!

We are still working on our menu for our upcoming Lodore trip and have decided to publish our own river cookbook.   We'd like this to include as many tasty river meals as possible and would love your suggestions.

We'd like them so much that we've decided to start a contest.  We will send an assortment of NRS straps to the person who submits that best river meal suggestion.  We will also include as many suggestions in our cookbook as we can and will credit each submission to the originator.

Be it a great appetizer, dutch oven dish, grill idea or desert, let's see what you love to eat around while camping

So...just sign up as a member of on this blog and submit your suggestion!  We can't wait to hear what you love to eat on the river!

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting

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