Monday, July 23, 2012

Bill Strong Denver River Cookbook Contest

Hi All!!!

We are still working on our menu for our upcoming Lodore trip and have decided to publish our own river cookbook.   We'd like this to include as many tasty river meals as possible and would love your suggestions.

We'd like them so much that we've decided to start a contest.  We will send an assortment of NRS straps to the person who submits that best river meal suggestion.  We will also include as many suggestions in our cookbook as we can and will credit each submission to the originator.

Be it a great appetizer, dutch oven dish, grill idea or desert, let's see what you love to eat around while camping

So...just sign up as a member of on this blog and submit your suggestion!  We can't wait to hear what you love to eat on the river!

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hi Rafters,

We are putting together our river trip down Lodore Canyon of the Green River in Dinosaur National Park.  I'll be posting here information about all the details of the trip.  I hope that doing so helps others as they get into the wonderful family activity of rafting.

One important issue on river trips is hygiene, particularly hand washing so that everyone remains healthy.  Here is a great thread on Mountain Buzz that explains the importance of hand washing.  It also gives ideas on the best hand washing stations.

I'll post more about the great hikes Lodore has to offer, including some of the amazing Indian pictographs.

We are planning our menu for this trip.  There will be 3 boats containing 3 different families. Like all trips, there are many ways to plan meals.  Sometimes it's easiest for everyone to "do their own things", and doing so does insure that you and your family are eating the type (and amount) of food that you enjoy.  River trips meals are much different than those of back-packing trips, as you can bring big coolers thereby allowing you to have as elaborate meals as you'd like.  Fresh produce, steaks, lobster and the like are easily cooked and served on the river.

A quick post about what the first night looks like:  Night #1 Grill Night!!! (in fire-pan) Antipasto as an appetizer, ribeye steaks from North Park Meat Co., grilled asparagus, seared scollops (from Tony's Market) and  creamy risotto, with Bajan Rum Cake for desert.  French toast and sausage for the next morning's breakfast.   Yum yum!  Night #2...who knows but it better be good Bryan!  (I'll post what his selection later).  Night #3, who knows but it better be good Chris!  And night #4...Lobster Night with coconut rice!  A quick breakfast for the last morning as we have to get on the river early.  We will serve bagels, lox and cream cheese.

I'll be posting more about specific meals later on this blog.  For now, I'll share what works for us.  Once you get to know the people you are rafting with, you'll find your comfort level on whether you share meals or not.  Sharing meals can be fun and it also gives you a break when it's not your night/breakfast to serve.  We like to eat lunch on the boat, or on the shore, so each lunch is taken care of by each boat.  So all we have to coordinate is Dinner/Breakfast.  This year on the San Juan, we came up with a plan that each boat takes care of a Dinner, and then the following breakfast.  That way, when it's not your meal, you don't even have to unload anything other than your plate etc.  The team that serves the meal, also cleans up, so you truly have a night and morning off when you're not up.

Although it's some work when it's your turn, it's fun to cook for the group.

I'll post more soon.

Happy Floating!

Bill Strong of Denver

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hi All, PLEASE use your PFD's!!!

available from Cascade Outfitters

Hi all,

Tragedy struck recently on the Colorado River downstream from Glenwood Springs.  Reports indicate that a middle school child died as he became separated from his tube above South Canyon Rapid.   The child was not wearing a life vest or what we call a PFD (Personal Floatation Device).   Let's send our thoughts and prayers to the family.

The boy's mother reportedly said that the child was not wearing a PFD but knew how to swim.

Read more about this here.

An adult also recently died on the Colorado after he went ahead and paddled in his SUP after realizing that he had forgotten his PFD at home. Bad move all around.


available from Cascade Outfitters 

Let's learn from this event and other like it.  ALWAYS wear your PFD and ALWAYS see to it that the children in your party are wearing one whenever they are close to the water.  Speak out when you see others who are about to enter the water without a PFD.  Incidents like this and this one here are preventable.  Get good and comfortable PFD for everyone, and have an extra in the event that someone forgot theirs. Go here to the NRS website to look over all of the options for PFD's.  They should fit snug and be comfortable (so that you and your kiddos will wear it!).

As a rule our children, and any children in our party, wear their PFD whenever they are around the water.  When our kids are playing in the sand beside the river...they are wearing a PFD!  The river moves quick and all it takes is one misstep to send someone swimming.

We see tubers often on the river and they rarely have PFD's on.  Let's all do our best to educate other about the unnecessary risks involved when a person is in the water without a PFD.

And YES!  your Dog needs a PFD too!

 available from Cascade Outfitters 

Let's have fun AND be smart out there!

Bill Strong of Denver

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rafting during a low water year!

Hi All!

As you can see by the pictures in my previous post, we had a great time on the San Juan.  Even during this low water year, we are having a blast with our family floats.  Right now we are mostly floating Glenwood Canyon down to New Castle as pictured above.

For the next few weeks I'll be posting about our upcoming float down Lodore Canyon.  This is my absolute favorite family float, with beautiful scenery, great hikes and fun rapids.    I'll be posting on this blog a good narrative detailing how we are planning our trip, menus and other ideas.

I will also be posting about how we plan a safe family trip down this challenging river.   For those of you who have never participated in a family float trip, scroll to my earlier posts on this blog where I go over how these trips can be done safely.  You'll also see suggested guide services, which is the best way to start as you find out if your family loves rafting as much as we do!

So stay tuned as we dial in for another fun family adventure!

Bill Strong Denver

My Review of NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized

Originally submitted at NRS

Made with 1-3/8" inner dimension 1-5/8 outer dimension anodized aluminum. The unbendable pipe is great to customize your side rails or add that extra cross bar. If you need lengths broken down into certain sections, please specify in the comments section when placing an order. Sold by the foot. CON...

Great product!
By BillStrongDenver from Denver on 7/5/2012

5out of 5
Best Uses: Rivers
Was this a gift?: No
I have the Bighorn II frame that I love because I can move it around to suit whatever trip I am trips or long multi-day floats. Visit my family floating blog: