Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rafting during a low water year!

Hi All!

As you can see by the pictures in my previous post, we had a great time on the San Juan.  Even during this low water year, we are having a blast with our family floats.  Right now we are mostly floating Glenwood Canyon down to New Castle as pictured above.

For the next few weeks I'll be posting about our upcoming float down Lodore Canyon.  This is my absolute favorite family float, with beautiful scenery, great hikes and fun rapids.    I'll be posting on this blog a good narrative detailing how we are planning our trip, menus and other ideas.

I will also be posting about how we plan a safe family trip down this challenging river.   For those of you who have never participated in a family float trip, scroll to my earlier posts on this blog where I go over how these trips can be done safely.  You'll also see suggested guide services, which is the best way to start as you find out if your family loves rafting as much as we do!

So stay tuned as we dial in for another fun family adventure!

Bill Strong Denver

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