Monday, September 9, 2013

Looks like we have a Lodore permit...

Well we were able to secure a cancellation permit for Lodore Canyon of the Green River.  Now the hard work comes, to convince my wife that the girls missing school isn't a big deal.  Now that my oldest in in middle school, it's more a challange to convince my wife that it's no big deal.   Wish me luck rafters!!!

Bill Strong Denver on Family Rafting

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Year Isn't Over Yet!

Hey There Rafting Families!

Just a quick post saying that there's plenty of rafting get in before this year ends.  If you're like us and live in the Denver Area, you can hit the Pumphouse section of the Colorado River which is running at 1170 CFS.  That's a pretty fun level.   There is plenty of camping along the river for those who want to do a multi-day trip.

You can also run the Colorado though Glenwood Canyon if you'd like.  It's running around 1600 CFS, and a fun 2200 once is confluences with the Roaring Fork (right in Glenwood).   Although I love floating the Roaring Fork, 600 CFS is a bit low for my boat when it's full of kids.

As I posted last week, the Green River is also a safe bet.  The A and B section of the Green is fun for families and for the most part is perfect for beginners.  The only rapid to beware of is Red Creek Rapid.  Do your homework on this one.  Going right is most fun, left is much easier but is a rock garden.  We always go right, but suggest the newcomers might want to go left.   Lodore Canyon of the Green is always a great float.  Keep in mind that you need to get a permit.   I'll post a link to where you can check for cancellations shortly.

Ok, we also still have the Lower Blue, below Green Mountain Reservoir, but at 517 its days are numbered.  We floated it a few weeks ago and had a blast.   Oh, and a shout out to Canyon Coolers!  We had our cooler roll down the bank about 75' and it still looks brand new.  If you're in the market for bomber coolers, I'd like to make a strong suggestion for Canyon Coolers!

Ok, that's it for now.  We are planning a few floats before the season ends and hope to get out some new families.   Thanks again to Chris Frazee of Maravia, Jan at Stitches-n-Stuff who helped us outfit our boats for our Families On The River Program.

Go here if you ever want to check river flows as you plan a trip. 

Thanks All!!!

Bill Strong Denver

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A River Trip Through The Eyes of a 12 Year Old

Hi Family Rafters,

Summer is about gone so we are doing are best to get in some floating before ski season.  We had the pleasure of taking a new family down the Green River.  What a great time.  I gave my camera to the 12 year old so that she could share on this blog.  Here you go:

 The Green River

 Our hike to an old homestead

 One happy hiker!

There is nothing like a 2 seat outhouse!

 River Dog!

A  birthday cake on the river!

Well that's the river through the eyes of a 12 year old.  Good times as always.  I'll be back with more.  Let's hope this blog helped some new families get out on the river.  More in the future on my Family Therapy on the River program!

Bill Strong Denver on Family Rafting

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Arkansas River is dropping fast.

Hey All,

I hope you fellow rafters are having a fun year.    As I wrote earlier, we are mostly rafting Browns  Canyon this years.  We will be hitting Lodore Canyon in August.  The Arkansas river is dropping fast, so this weekend is likely our last.  We will be taking some new families out this weekend, so I'll post some pics next week. 

Here's a pic from a past trip down the canyon!  Good times!

I'll be back soon with more.  Happy Rafting!

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

Hi All!

It was ski season the last time I posted here so I thought I'd give an update.  I hope many of you were successful in getting your river permits for this season.  We struck out so we are doing most of our floating on the Arkansas River and looking for the right permit cancellation.  The upper Colorado is coming up so we will likely go there soon as well.  We will likely do Lodore Canyon later this summer.  I will be posting soon on how to secure a permit cancellation.

Even during this dry year we have had a lot of fun this summer floating rivers and getting wet!  I've also had the pleasure of taking some new families out on the river.   It' always so nice to see how well a family responds to being on the river together and to introduce them to river life!

Here is a pic of a fun family that I took down Browns Canyon of the Arkansas.  They were great and a good time was had by all.  "Dad, when are we going to get our own raft" was mentioned a few times.

The next day I was able to get my own family out on the river.  My daughters love Browns Canyon and are a both good enough to kick me out of the Captain's Chair.

 My daughter forgot to watch what was ahead of us!  SLEEPER!  (a Sleeper is a rock that's easy to miss because it's barely covered with water)

The waves can get everyone wet and weather changes fast, so we always have plenty of dry clothes just in case.  I like my crew warm, well fed and happy. 

We even caught some fish for dinner!  Life on the river is truly grand!

 The Strong Family Rafters are having a wonderful summer and hope all of you are as well.  Stay tuned for more on Family Rafting from Bill Strong of Denver.