Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting

 Over look of Hell's Half Mile of Lodore Canyon

Hi All!

Thanks so much for those of you who have sent recipes for the river cookbook we are working on.  We will be posting your yummy ideas soon.  If you haven't signed up and sent you ideas yet, please do so.  Our contest is for fun, but you'll also have a shot at some neat prizes from NRS.

For now we are working on our menu for our upcoming trip down Lodore Canyon.

Because we have kids on this trip, we end up working a bit harder on the menu.  We want our kiddos happy and feeling great.   We picked up an ice cream maker from REI and will report on how well it works.  In the past we've used a 5 gallon bucket for ice cream, so we are looking forward to seeing how well this item works.

We were planning on using our dutch over on this trip, but the fire ban has put a kibosh on that idea.  If you've never used a dutch oven, go here to read about the tasty meals you can create.  We use ours for backcountry pizza, bread making and great stews.

Back with more soon!

And THANK YOU JAN at Stitches-n-Stuff for the awesome Everything Bag and Drop Bags!!!!  They are truly bomber!

Bill Strong of Denver on Fun Family Rafting!

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