Friday, May 27, 2016

It's Time To Start Floating!!!

Hi All,

Just a quick post that it's time for some fun rafting!!!!  We are planning a trip down the Dolores river, and got our new boat wet last weekend down Browns Canyon of the Arkansas River.  Good times last weekend and for the upcoming rafting season!!!

Being an avid rafter means always adding to your fleet.  I picked up this 12' NRS during the off season and gave it its maiden float last weekend. Thanks to Zack at Inflatable Technologies and Dan at Down River in getting me all set for the water.

This raft was so much fun!!!!

And the crew knew how to have a good time!!!

River time is the best time!!!

We are just getting started, lots of fun water to float!!!


Bekki knows hot to ducky!

More proof of life on the river being the best!!!
On to the Dolores.  Pics shortly!
Bill Strong of Denver on fun rafting!!!

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