Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's been a busy spring!!!

Hello Family Rafters,

I haven't had the chance to post since our return from the Yampa.  It's been a busy spring, with floats down the Arkansas, work at my new practice and doing my best to get families out on the water.  My family therapy practice has grown as I was invited to join the group at Paramount Health Directions.  I was honored to be asked to join by Dr. Stamatiou, who developed Paramount to meet the mental health needs of Denver.  For years it's been my opinion the Dr. Stamatiou is the best psychiatrist in Denver. This spring has been busy as I've moved much of my practice to Cherry Creek as I've become part of her team.  I'm also happy that she's supportive of my Families on the River program.  I'm looking forward to getting more families, kids and couples out on the river.

As far as floating, we've been hitting the Arkansas river this spring.  It's been a blast as the flows have been fun and swift.  I'll be posting pics soon.  I've also been able to get some new families out on the water, which is always a joy to behold.  River life is indeed grand!

If you've never floated Browns Canyon on the Ark, do so this spring and do so fast before the flows drop.  River Runners and Noah's Ark are both excellent rafting companies.   Contact them and have a great float!

As far as us, we are planning what has become our annual trip down Lodore Canyon of the Green river.  I'll be posting more as we get ready.  We are lucky we floated the Yampa during off season as usually you can only get a permit for one or the other.  We have one excited group.

Back with more soon.

Bill Strong on Family Rafting!!!!

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