Friday, March 28, 2014

River Season is Upon Us!!!

Hi Family Rafters,

Well the Strong Family of Denver is getting all geared up to run the Yampa river at the end of April!

We couldn't be more excited.  We have a few families joining us so we will have a great group to enjoy this incredible canyon float with.  71 miles of river in 5 days with good food, fun activities (Horseshoe tournaments every night around the fire), Great Food and fun with the kids.

As with all Multi-Day river trips, everyone will have a job to do as we rig the rafts, float for the day, and then set-up camp. Meal preparation is a very social event for our style river trips. It's a time for talking, laughing, discussing the upcoming challenges the next day.  It's true that trips with adult are fun, but for me Family Rafting is where it's at.  We share times with our kids when they are unplugged and their screens are off.  Thank Goodness that we don't even have cell service on these trips!

I'll be back more as well plan.  Just a reminder, if you didn't get a permit look for cancellations!

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting!!!

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