Friday, December 7, 2012

As we wax our skis and pray for snow...Let not forget to apply for next years River Permits

Hello Everyone,

Well you can bet that we are all praying for snow here in Colorado!  Whether you're a rafting and skiing family like we are, or just a city slicker, we all know we need a big snow year.

I plan on waxing my skis this weekend (go here for a great YouTube on how to wax your own skis). I'm hoping for a nice year skiing China Bowl along with all the other wonderful mountain runs we have in Colorado.  We bought the Epic Local this year and sure hope to use it.

I was having lunch with another rafting dad and we started talking about what River Permits we are hoping to score for this upcoming year.  As many of you know, there are some rivers that are heavily regulated so you need a permit to float them.  These permits are obtained through a lottery system that have deadline dates, so you sure want to submit your application in time.  For some reason, my friend and I always forget the deadlines for submission, so I thought I'd post some of them here.

Lodore Canyon of the Green or Yampa Canyon in Dinosaur National Park is a yearly event for our family.   We always put in for a permit and tend get a ticket 1 out of 5 years.  When we don't get one, we grab a cancellation (more on how to do that this spring if we strike out again).   River Permits applications for Dinosaur National Monuments can be submitted from Nov 1 to February 1, 2013Here is a link to the permit.

Rio Charma  river in New Mexico is another great family float that needs a permit.  Go here for to learn about their permit system which also uses a lottery.  Permits for the Rio Charma must be received by Jan 31st.

Upper and Lower San Juan River is a great family float.  You can do upper and/or the lower.  Go here to see the permit information. Applications must be received by the Monticello River Office by February 1, 2013.

Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is a great river trip but a significant step up in difficulty.  I do not suggest this river for beginners or for families with children under 12 years of age.  Other people do it with younger children but I'm not suggesting it.  Go here to read about the permit process.  Applications are due by January 31, 2012.

Selway River in Idaho:  This is a wonderful family river trip (below Selway Falls) Lottery Applications for the Selway River launch dates (May 15-July 31) are accepted from December 1 until midnight Eastern time January 31. Permits are not required outside the control season on the Selway River.  Go here to read about Selway Permits.

Westwater Canyon of the Colorado River in Utah is a great trip.  I don't take young kids on this trip, but it's a great family float for older kids.  Go here to learn about Westwater permits.

Rouge River in Oregon is an amazing float.  Go here to begin the process of applying for a permit.  The lottery application period takes place from December 1 to January 31 each year.  This is a once in a lifetime river trip so good luck in the lottery!!!!

I'll be adding to this page as I have time.  Let's start planning our 2013 river trips!  Good luck getting permits!!!

Bill Strong of Denver on Family Rafting

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