Friday, March 23, 2012

Ski Season is Winding Down...Time to plan this year's family floats!!!

Hi All,

Bill Strong of Denver here!  This is my blog about family rafting.  I hope the information here assists in getting new families into the sport.

Now that ski season is winding down, I'll have more time and focus on this year's rafting trips.  As I've written on this blog, I have a wondering family that I take rafting.  My beautiful wife and two daughters enjoy our trips, and I love raising my girls to be outdoorsy and self-confident!

This year will will doing two long multi-day trips in addition to our general day trips down the Arkansas River (mostly Browns Canyon) and the Colorado (both through lower Gore and Glenwood canyons).  Our two long trips with be the San Juan in Utah, and the Yampa through Dinosaur National Park.

I'll be posting all things rafting on this blog, and will go though how we plan these trips.  Follow along if you'd like and you'll read about how we plan meals, where to camp, what rapids to be leary of and how to make it fun and SAFE for the family.

Bill Strong Denver on Family Rafting

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