Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rafting Ideas From Bill Strong Denver

Hi All,

I've received some great emails with potential new rafters who want to get their families into it.   The question of "Just Where Do I Start" seems to be the most common question.  I know it's ski season, but it's not too early to look to the spring of 2012 as the time you become a "rafting family".

So where to start?  Once again it's important to for you to start small.  I'd like you to look in your area for rafting companies who do day trips.  I live in Colorado, so I'd suggest the Upper Colorado River (We like Pumphouse to Ranch del Rio), or you can keep going all the way to State Bridge.

The Arkansas River near Salida has a lot of great water to float...from Class II-Class V.  There are all kinds of rafting companies in the Salida area so call and find out what your getting into.  Browns Canyon is a fantastic float, but might be a bit much if you have some members in your family who are weary about rafting.  Bighorn Sheep Canyon is a good choice for them, or the Parkdale area.  River Runners is a good rafting company.  Here are a few more suggestions.

Colorado River (Little Gore Canyon)

Timberline Tours
Wilderness Aware Rafting
GEO Tours
Gore Range Expeditions

Arkansas River

Echo Canyon River Expeditions
River Runners
Dvorak Expeditions  

Call these companies and find out what they offer.  I'll be writing more about your first trip, and then branching out to how you can end up doing your own trips with your family.

Have fun and stay safe!  Oh, and on moving water ALWAYS wear your life vest!!!

Bill Strong Denver

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